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12/6/2012 New legal for trade on Board truck scales are available.












































Class III Legal For Trade

TRADE ROUTE ONBOARD SCALE SYSTEMS are legal-for-trade accurate scale systems that can be installed easily on any truck frame. Once the scale system has been installed and calibrated, Trade Route provides accurate weighing on slopes up to six degrees off-level. Easy to use, the Low Profile On Board Scale System is equipped with automatic hydraulic controls that lift the scale into and out of weighing position in approximately three (3) seconds.




Industries of use include:

Front Loader Scales / Special Tracking Software




LoadMan front loader systems have a unique design that keeps your operator moving, as they've engineered their front loader on board scales so that the operator does not have to stop in a weighing window.

Extra Heavy Duty Fork systems are made much stronger than other competitors, thus giving you piece of mind in your investment!

Track Truck Routes with Goggle Mapping with our on board scale systems.


On board scales for 5th wheel tractor trailers using a combination of suspension types.


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